My Fantasy Football season just keeps getting worse.

I think it may be time to give up fantasy football forever. I’ve NEVER had such a bad season as this one. I’m in two leagues this year and have not won a game in either yet. That’s right 0-4 in both.

I’ve never even come close to having a season this bad much less two at once.  If you have a favorite player better make sure not to tell me because a week or two after I select him for my team he’ll go down with a suspension or injury. The number of players I’ve lost this season is just ridiculous.


If US Representatives were actually based upon the smallest state’s population

Political Post so ignore: (I saw this mentioned as a needed change to the gerrymandered house and decided to figure out the actual numbers.)

A quick back of the envelope calculation of how many representatives each state would have if the representatives were chosen based upon the smallest state’s population.

Wyoming’s population is the smallest at 582,658. So they would get ONE representative and every other state’s number of representatives would be determined by dividing that state’s population by Wyoming’s and rounding up.

Currently we have 435 Representatives. Under this rule we would have 567 and they would break down thusly:

California 66
Texas 46
New York 34
Florida 34
Illinois 23
Pennsylvania 22
Ohio 20
Georgia 18
Michigan 17
North Carolina 17
New Jersey 16
Virginia 15
Wasington 12
Massachusetts 12
Arizona 12
Indiana 12
Tennessee 12
Missouri 11
Maryland 11
Wisconsin 10
Minnesota 10
Colorado 10
Alabama 9
South Carolina 9
Louisiana 8
Kentucky 8
Oregon 7
Oklahoma 7
Connecticut 7
Iowa 6
Mississippi 6
Arkansas 6
Utah 5
Kansas 5
Nevada 5
New Mexico 4
Nebraska 4
West Virginia 4
Iaho 3
Hawaii 3
Maine 3
New Hampshire 3
Rhode Island 2
Montana 2
Delaware 2
South Dakota 2
Alaska 2
North Dakota 2
Vermont 2
Wyoming 1
Total: 567

Not every bad habit or ‘thing’ comes from video games guys!

So I’m reading the internet and come across this piece from “Throwing down your sidearm: A video game training scar?“, and my first thought is “Oh, boy. Here we go again.” I read the article and sure enough, Video Game = Bad.  Have these guys not watched a movie, tv or cartoon in the last 30 years? People throwing guns around all over the place in them. You know where they DON’T just toss weapons around all the time? Most video games.  Most video games will have the protagonist either swapping weapons or holstering one to draw another. I’m really not sure why these guys think you learn to toss guns around in ‘Call of Duty’. The worst thing about CoD is thinking you can easily run at top speed for a half hour at a time and kill people shooting at you from across maps with just a knife.


An example:

iTunes won’t sync my apps anymore

I haven’t synced my iPhone 4s in quite a while so I decided to do it on Monday, (1/21/2013). iTunes needed to be updated, so I let that run first, and once it was finished, I started the sync. I was watching an online video when the sync started so I was a bit distracted, but still, I knew the sync went WAY to quickly. So I decided to do it again, and again the sync finished very quickly. When I tried to navigate around the iTunes app, I had a hard time, because they’ve changed things up quite a bit. In the end, I managed to get to the computer’s apps, and lo-and-behold 93 apps needed to be updated. Which meant they WEREN’T syncing with my phone like it used to. After 20 frustrating minutes I finally figured out how to make it work.

Navigate to Devices, choose your phone, then ‘Transfer Purchases’ or hit ‘control-s’ to bring back the side bar that iTunes USED to have choose your phone and right click to get to the ‘Transfer Purchases’ selection. That makes the updated apps from your phone transfer to your computer. That is it MAY work if iTunes decides your phone is actually connected. For some reason my iTunes keeps disconnecting the phone so it doesn’t show up in my device list. I got around it by unplugging the phone from the computer and re-connecting it. I have NO idea why iTunes keeps doing this. I haven’t figured that problem out yet. If you do let me know.

Phone: iPhone 4s with iOS 6.0.1