Took advantage of E-Waste day at Cowboy Maloney’s.

It feels good to FINALLY get rid of all the electronic junk sitting around my house. I had a whole car full of e-waste I was able to get rid of properly, and it only cost me a buck. I had a monitor (which is what cost me the buck), like 5 old modems/csu/dsu units, couple hubs, a DVD player, like two old VHS players, an old scanner that I never used, a TIVO, more computer speakers than I care to mention, and tons of electronic brick-brak and cables I had left over from the various computers I’ve built over the years. Hell the TIVO was still working but it was an original non-HD version and I couldn’t even give it away. I would have got rid of my old Sony WEGA TV but that thing weighs 200 pounds and I’d need help to even think of moving it.

Anyone else thinking of getting rid of their electronic junk; things like computers and computer components, fax machines, radios, TVs, phones, VCR and DVD players and such, go down to Cowboy Maloney’s downtown on 1313 Harding Street today before 2:00 and they’ll take it off your hands. TV’s cost 10$ and monitors cost 1$, everything else is free.


This has been a PSA.

Lotus Notes still sucks.

Another in a long line of adventures in Lotus notes.

Today my Lotus notes is popping up a Security Alert.

Notes has been asked to execute a potentially dangerous action by a program on your system. You have not authorized the signer of the program to perform this action.

The program is signed by our Notes admin, who isn’t at work today and who has not notified me of any probable security alerts. So being the diligent little worker bee that I am I choose “Do NOT execute the action” as “What to do”. So now I get to have that same annoying security alert pop up over and over all damn day. At this point I’m about willing to just execute the damn program and let it do whatever the hell it’s gonna do. At least it would be less annoying than hitting a ‘Do NOT execute the action’ button every 10 minutes for the rest of the day. Did I mention that I cannot interact with my actual email while the popup is active? Because I can’t.

Do Exchange users have as many complaints about Exchange as Notes users do about Notes? Because I’m about ready to just forward all work mail to a g-mail account and never open the Lotus Notes client at work ever again.

The big push is over….Almost.

I’ve been so busy at work lately that I haven’t really felt like posting anything when I get home or during my lunch hour. We’ll it looks like our year long push is finally bearing fruit and we’re gonna make it with almost half of December to go. Three quarters of the work has been pushed up to EPA and our program people are reviewing the last quarter now. As soon as they give the go ahead I can finally slack off move on to other projects. And there was MUCH REJOICING. (Please do not let there be big problems with this last submission I need to be released!)

As a treat, I haven’t posted anything about anime in a long time. I’ve basically taken quite a lot of time off from watching it. But this came to my attention today and I found it pretty funny. So I present to you ‘Every Anime Opening Ever Made’

That left a mark

My ego got hurt yesterday. Nice crushing blow from Staten.

Monday one of the Websphere server applications I’m responsible for stopped accepting input from EPA. I found this odd because nothing had been changed on the server or the application. I check it out. Find nothing wrong with the app. Time passes as I go through everything over and over again. Eventually I figure out the problem is with Websphere and not the application itself. The ‘problem’ was that two of the certificates in the Websphere trust store had expired. I refresh them and everything should be cool. But it wasn’t. Spent the next 2 days trying to figure this out finally going to Staten for help. In ONE HOUR he noticed that some comments in one of the config  files was no longer commented. A quick reboot of Websphere and everything works normally. Most likely I altered the config file myself, before finding the cert. problem, and had been looking at it so much afterward it just blended into the background but still it made me feel like an idiot.

Thanks Staten.

PS: I really do mean thanks to Staten. The rest is just me being an idiot.

I piss me off

Had one of ‘those’ days today. Been working in a Microsoft Access database for work. I’m having to write some VBA scripts to import some data into the Access database so it can then produce some XML for me. Anyway, I was ALMOST done today around 2 when my latest test of the script caused the DB to infinitely loop and CTL-BREAK did NOT stop it. So, I had to stop the entire DB and re-load it, no big deal right? Well here is where I piss myself off. I hadn’t saved that script I was working on at all and when the DB came back it was gone, never to return. So just like that, a day and a half of code <POOF> gone in a  puff of idiocy of my own making.

I almost wanted to cry. <sigh> Save early and often.

PS: I hate MS Access.