How often do YOU comment on things of which you have no clue?

Sometimes when I read Ars Technica, or other blogs both general and subject specific, which have a large commentator population, I get the impression that  a significant proportion of the commenters have no clue about what they write. In this article about the Police not liking Waze ‘tracking’ them you can tell that a LARGE part of the problem with some of the comments is that the people making those comments have never used Waze.

The Internet is a silly/horrible/awesome/frighting place.

Titanic a fluke! Who knew?

You just never know what you are going to learn from Ars Technica. Today they have an article discussing the findings of some Swedish researchers on the survival rates of women and children in shipwrecks. Turns out the Titanic was a fluke (in more ways than one) and women and children historically haven’t fared well when a boat is going down. “What group has the best chance at surviving a sinking ship?”, you ask? Why it’s the crew, followed by the captain. IN YOUR FACE PASSENGERS!


EDIT: From the Ars’ comments: