Another week, another football post.

Well State looked totally mediocre versus a terrible UAB team this weekend. The first half of the game with Relf was pretty much pathetic. The second half of the game with Russell was pretty poor as well. I like Relf but the team just doesn’t seem to play well with him behind center. I expect him to start against South Carolina, but if he gets pulled again, then I think the decision will have been made and Russell will be the starting QB for MSU from that point. The defense is State’s ‘strength’ right now but I think even I could beat that ‘strength’ in an arm wrestling contest.

Ole Miss was off this weekend so no bitter tears for them, except to say, there is going to be a whole lake made of the salty tears of UM fans over the next three games(Alabama, Arkansas and Auburn). The Alabama game is going to be on national TV, front and center, because it’s ‘Bama; I hope Ole Miss can look at least decent against them, but I expect it to be a total domination in every aspect of the game. It’ll be the same when State plays them. Best we can hope for, as the MS schools play Alabama this year is for low scoring games that don’t make us look too bad. Kind of like the State game versus LSU.

At this point of the season, I’m no longer as certain that MSU will beat Ole Miss. It’s a toss up, with a slight advantage to MSU. I think MSU’s offense is about as good as UM’s, but I think our defense is a bit better and the game is at State this year.

I still think Mississippi State can make it to 6 wins this year if they can beat Kentucky, Tenn Martin and Ole Miss and I still think Ole Miss is only going to win 4 this year with wins against Kentucky and Louisiana Tech. And let’s be clear here, I’m not sure either team will win all those games they are ‘supposed’ to. Kentucky is really bad this year but they are still capable of beating one or both MS schools, and I’m not sure Ole Miss will beat Louisiana Tech either. At least that damn La Tech QB will be 18 when Ole Miss plays them so the announcers won’t be so damn annoying going on and on about his age.


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Weekly State/UM post; also a complaint about which no one will do anything.

I don’t really wanna talk about it, but I’ve been posting one every week so I’ll continue.

MS State: I REALLY REALLY hope you find some offense soon. If you can’t pick it up then I’m not sure even 6 wins is achievable this year.

Ole Miss: I’m glad you found some offense against a REALLY bad defense. If you can’t pick it up (and find some D too) I’m even more sure you won’t make it to 6 wins this year.


In general, at this point I’m just hoping the Egg Bowl ISN’T where one of the two Mississippi teams finds it’s only SEC win of the season and the other is denied ANY.


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Okay the complaint: I’m getting way more spam posts than actual posts. I find that annoying, but what’cha gonna do?

‘Nother week. ‘Nother football post

Predictions for this weekend: MSU(w), Ole Miss(l)

Results of this weekends games: MSU(w), Ole Miss(l)

So, it seems I got it right this weekend, but I must say my prospects for MSU has gone WAY, WAY down. State had to go into OT to beat Louisiana Tech. That was a bad team playing bad football this weekend. Almost, (ALMOST) as bad as Ole Miss. State seems to have developed the same problem as Ole Miss, weak defense, no offensive line to speak of and no QB. That ‘no QB’ thing is really not fair to Chris Relf. He’s doing the best he can, I’m sure, but because of the problems State is having at the offensive line it’s making him look tentative. He’s looking like the Chris Relf of two years ago.  I don’t know what can be done to fix our offensive line either. This could turn into a season where MSU barely makes a bowl game. The Egg Bowl may end up deciding which team actually gets to 6-6. Yes, both teams are looking so bad right now, that getting to 6-6 would be considered a win.

Upside, State barely makes a bowl game this year we’ll be keeping Mullen for a good long while. Downside, State can look forward to a long period of mediocrity unless something improves soon.


Not going to say much about Ole Miss. I’m sure UM fans are saying everything I could come up with. At least MSU had 2 games where our offensive line did SOMETHING. Ole Miss can’t even say that yet. Ole Miss plays at Fresno State this next weekend. A loss to Fresno State pretty much seals the fate of the team as far as I’m concerned. They lose there they won’t be bowling this year and may not reach 3 wins.

Upside, um..Ole Miss might getting rid of coaches and AD’s soon? Downside, getting rid of those coaches and AD’s is going to cost Ole Miss more than they can really afford.


BEER: Friday went to a beer tasting at Triple B Brewery. Some truly awesome beers were had. Thanks for the invite guys I really enjoyed it. For the games, I had Sam Adams Octoberfest and Lat 48.


50-50 this week. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!

Well this week in my predictions for MSU and Ole Miss didn’t go as planned. MSU lost a close one to Auburn.  That was NOT the same MSU that showed up for Memphis and that was NOT the same Auburn team that barely beat Utah State. MSU had better find some defense and LEARN TO TACKLE! Also special teams needs some serious improvement. Oh, and some advice for the MSU kick off team; “When the same guy keeps bringing it out to the 30+ every damn time, KICK IT TO THE OTHER SIDE! Better yet kick it out of the endzone.”

Way, way too many penalties in that game. I think there were over 7 penalties in the first 5 minutes. WTF? Also, while I won’t say the refs played favorites, it is inexcusable to NOT be looking at the sideline for a timeout at the end of a game like this. INEXCUSABLE!

Oh, and one last question before I try and forget this game and move on to our being kicked outta the top 25 after a stupidly scheduled Thursday game against LSU. Why didn’t we throw a quick play action out pass for that last play? An incomplete pass and you still have 5 seconds to try another play.

I’m still hoping MSU can get to 8 wins but now they have to beat one of those teams the “aren’t” supposed to, and also not drop another game they are supposed to win.

Ole Miss did what they were supposed to do and beat Southern Illinois. I didn’t watch the game, so no comments on that. Good luck against Vandy.  I don’t know why it seems like the Vanderbilt game is always close against Ole Miss but it is. If Ole Miss can somehow find a way to beat Georgia I still think they have a good shot against Kentucky so that could be a path to 6-6 and a bowl game. I think Georgia is going to be in desperation mode for wins though with the loss to SC putting Richt even more on the hot seat. As bad as the MSU defense looked I still think Ole Miss loses the Egg Bowl this year.

My fantasy football, pick-ems and eliminators are going about as well as the MSU-Auburn game. Making me want to ignore football for a bit.

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So far so right

2 for 2 in my picks for MSU and Ole Miss!

After watching the various games this weekend I’ve had some re-evaluation of the list. Right now, I think I’d give Ole Miss the win versus Kentucky but a prediction is a prediction so we’ll have to wait and see. LSU (bastards) look even tougher than I thought they would be this year. Auburn looks beatable. South Carolina can put up some crazy numbers when they want to, hope we get them on an off week. Still want to find a 9th win somewhere for MSU. Georgia’s uniforms were so ugly I didn’t pay much attention to how bad they looked against Boise, and I still think MSU can beat them.

Didn’t watch Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida or Vandy.

SEC is incredibly loaded with good teams this year, and because of that I don’t think that the SEC will be in the national title game this year. All our top teams are going to drop one or two against our OTHER top teams. Those drops will happen mid or late season and will let other teams jump them on the charts.

Thoughts on the SEC?

Beer this weekend: Sam Adams 48 Lat. IPA.

MSU 59 Memphis 14

So far so good. Can’t complain about the result, though I can complain a bit about the team.

Memphis fans, um, sorry football isn’t going to be your thing this year, just move on and enjoy your basketball season.

As for state, I’m a bit concerned about our defense and our special teams.

Specifically, on special teams I’m worried about our  returner. Bone headed would be the adjective of choice after last night. I expect him to either be replaced or a LOT of special attention during practice this week.

For defense, I HATE HATE HATE how far our DB’s play off on receivers. A quick pass or bubble screen is almost always guaranteed to get 4-7 yards. I DON’T LIKE THAT! If our guys aren’t fast enough to stay with the receivers, then find some other configuration for them to play in, but allowing a SEC team to do that all game would be a DISASTER. As per usual, I’m sure the coaches are going to be going over and over the whole ‘WRAP UP!” mantra. Everyone enjoys watching a big hit, but if you don’t wrap up you are going to let someone get a LOT of extra yards. WRAP UP!  We didn’t seem to be able to get to the Memphis’ QB’s very often, that could be a problem. (Though we did manage to hurt both of them when we did reach them.)

A lot of the ‘problems’ I saw could just be a circumstance of who we were playing, and what the coaching staff was wanting to do against Memphis. We will all learn a lot more about MSU’s character, strength and weaknesses as the season progresses. After the shellacking we gave Memphis, I currently think our offense is pretty solid, we may have some weaknesses on the D side of the ball, and I would like special teams to get about another month of practice before the next game.


Beer: Yesterdays beer was the leftover Sam Adam’s 48 Latitude IPA and the specifically chosen for the game Sierra Nevada Pale Ale . Both go well with the boiled peanuts I cooked up in the crockpot.