PAX Pix (Boston) Better late than never edition.

So I went to the Penny-Arcade eXchange in Boston this year. I must say I had a great time. If you like to game, I highly suggest you go to one if you can. And I mean ANY kind of gamer, video games, board games, card games you have something going on here to enjoy.

Anyway, this post is about pictures. I didn’t take too many because that’s just the kind of guy I am. I’d rather experience the moment, than try and ‘preserve’ it in photos, but I did take some. Of those I took, only these are worth posting. Most of the rest are a bit blurry. I can’t seem to get the iPhone to focus correctly half the time.

If you really wanna see the rest come visit me at home. I’ve saved them all on the computer.

Sorry it took so long to post these (A WHOLE MONTH?!!?). Between not being ABLE to upload the pictures and then forgetting about it, I took too long. Apologies. ENJOY!