Thanks for guaranteeing I cut the cord Comcast

So on Tuesday morning my cable goes out. I have the triple play plan and when the cable goes so does my phone and my internet. Yay! NOTHING IS WORKING.

Like most of the people on the planet I work for a living, so I call Comcast once I get to work on my cell phone. The lady on the other end is nice but she wants my social security number(or the last 4 digits of it) as my security password because I’m NOT calling from my home phone(its out remember). I give it to her and apparently Comcast has the WRONG info in their system. I don’t know what number they have but it ISN’T my ssn. I get past this by giving them my account number. I have my old bills at work so I had the number handy. First crisis avoided.Second crisis ends the call with NOTHING done. Apparently she won’t send out a technician unless I fiddle with the cable, which I cannot do because I AM NOT HOME! Great! So the wife is at home I have HER call them and give her the account number because she’ll need it too. They have her do some things, which freaks her out, because as far as she’s concerned anything more advance than a rotary phone is voodoo death magic.

After her jiggling of cables fails to get any results they tell her they will forward our ticket to the local dispatchers and they should call us back within 2 hours. They are given my wife’s cell phone number AND mine. THEY NEVER CALL.

Wife calls the 800 number AGAIN. They are very nice, look up the ticket, see that the locals have scheduled a technician to show up on MONDAY. 5 DAYS LATER! Might also want to mention that would be Christmas EVE for crying out loud. The wife informs the nice 800 operator that we won’t be home on Monday. They cancel the ticket and escalate it. They tell her the local dispatchers should call within one (1) hour. As of Thursday at 10:30 THEY STILL HAVEN’T CALLED!

Apparently the local Comcast group is so busy or incompetent they won’t even bother to CALL their customers to let them know whats going on, AND they expect us to wait at least 5 days with NO INTERNET, NO CABLE, and NO PHONE! I find this intolerable.

The wife and I will be out of town the last 2 weeks of the year. We get back on the 1st. The wife is trying to make sure a technician shows up on Jan. 2nd. I’ve decided that even if that technician shows up, I’m cutting the cord on my cable. I’ve been thinking about cutting the cord anyway, and this episode has pushed me over the edge. The wife pretty much only watches the ‘big 4’, the cut won’t hurt her. It’ll hurt me, because I lose my time waster channels like Cartoon network, History and Science channels. I also lose the only reason I HAVE cable in the first place ESPN. I’ve decided that ESPN (and college football) just isn’t worth $1500-$1800 a year. I’ll just pocket that money, set up as good a digital antenna as I can and stream stuff I really want that I can’t get over the air.

Oh, and when I stream stuff, it’ll be from AT&T even if it’s DSL. Comcast doesn’t get any more of my money for a LONG time.


UPDATE: Lesson learned. When you deal with Comcast do it through Twitter.

24 hours after multiple 1-800 calls I’m simply pissed.

3 Hours after my complaint hit twitter, I’ve got my cable back, an apology from ‘corporate’ and a $20 credit on my bill. Also, I’m a lot less pissed at Comcast so well done ComcastCares guys and gals.

TV Question for my 3-4 readers


A question for my readers;

What is the cheapest and best (This is the way the State phrases it so they can actually pay more than just the cheapest) solution to my TV viewing habits.

  1. SEC Football – as much of it as I can get.
  2. “American Idol”, “America’s got Talent” type shows for the wife.
  3. Local News.
  4. Game of Thrones
  5. South Park and Futurama on Comedy Central.
  6. Adult Swim on cartoon network.
  7. G4, History channel, discovery channel, Science Channel for ‘channel surfing time’.

I could give up anything after 1 if I had to but the wife won’t give up 2-3.  I guess if I really want to squeeze it down the wife could get by on just over the air TV and I’m screwed for my Football addiction. Is there a cheaper than cable way to get ESPN/SEC football?