As many of you may already know, my ’05 Honda Accord was declared a ‘loss’ due to the hail damage. The insurance company took the car but gave me a very good price for it. I am going to miss that car for quite a long time. Other than the dents in the body THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT CAR! Sigh.

Anyway, taking the cash the insurance company gave me and adding some of the cash I had saved (for a PC that I won’t get for another couple of years now) I was able to get a 2012 Ford Focus SEL sedan. (Pics below.) Its a bit smaller than the Accord but gets great gas mileage, handles well and has some interesting electronics in it. My ‘complaints’ about it include cloth (not leather) seats and no XM/Sirius satellite radio. My biggest positive about the car? IT IS PAYED FOR, BABY! BOOYAA!

Nice ride

Front view of the new ride

Back view

Back end of the new car.

Left-Rear of 2012 Ford Focus SEL

Left-Rear view

Driver's side interior

Front seat view from driver’s side.


Console '12 Focus SEL

Console. Not a ‘touch’ screen as the top end models have.

Backseat of the car

Backseat of the car



Sometimes ya just gotta laugh

So the hail back in March finally killed my car. Actually the car was fine except for the body damage. The cost to repair the body was more than 70% of the value of my ’05 Accord, so the insurance company decided to total it. I had the choice to keep the car minus the ‘salvage value’ and have my title changed to a ‘salvage/hail damage’ title or to let the insurance company take the car. I got a very good price for the car so I let them take it.

Gotta say it was a VERY sad day watching that car get towed away. NOTHING WRONG WITH IT! Someone, somewhere, is going to get a VERY good deal at auction so long as they don’t care about ‘dents’. Miss it already.

Anyway, the title is now being transferred between me and the insurance company so for a couple of days I have no car and no payment. So I CANNOT go get anything until the cash is in my account. Should be good to go around Tuesday-Wednesday.

That’s the setup, and here’s the funny. The long suffering wife, who’s been shuffling me around the last couple of days, has an out of town doctor’s appointment that’s been scheduled for months. She won’t be around and she’ll be taking her car. So I called my Dad down to let me borrow his car for a day or two. He agreed, and was due down at my casa tomorrow. Turns out his car engine light just came on. HE’S without a car for a couple of days!

For some reason that made me laugh. Anyway, it’ll work out. I’ll drive the wife to her folks place and then drive her car back home. She’ll use her folk’s car for a day or two around Columbus, then I’ll drive back up and get her. Not having a car REALLY sucks. Hope the replacement car I end up getting is as dependable as my old Honda. That thing was awesome in the dependability department.