Vacation is over /sad face

Well all good things come to an end and so has my vacation. I took Friday off and cut the grass. Dad should show up sometime tomorrow for some parental visitation goodness. In the mean time I shall regale you with tails of my vacation.

After all the excitement of losing (then finding) my wallet all other things pale in comparison, however that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a good time. If you ever find yourself up Boston way I suggest you take the Freedom Trail. It’s cheap and fun, if you enjoy history even a little bit. I always get a kick out of seeing ‘Old Ironsides‘ though it was closed for repairs this time around. Instead we spent a little time exploring the “USS Cassin Young” a WWII destroyer that sits nearby free for all to explore.

We spent some time in Portsmouth looking at all the nice homes. Had an excellent ‘Dreamsicle’ shake there. On another day we did some hiking at ‘the flume‘ in New Hampshire which I think the Missus really enjoyed. Was a nice fun hike. But after doing so much walking and traveling we decided it was time to chill out, so we enjoyed a couple of ‘stay at home’ days and just played the hell out of some board/party games. My good friends had just purchased ‘Small World‘ and we played the hell out of that game. We must have played at least 4-6 games during our visit. I believe that it and it’s expansions will make for many a fun game night in the future as well. We played around an hours worth of ‘Tomb‘ before deciding we hated it and simply quit. Note to AEG, “INSTRUCTIONS ARE IMPORTANT!!!! If your instructions suck ass your game will suck ass as well”. Do I need to mention that we felt quite sure the game SUCKED ASS after two party wipes and my party down from 5 to 1 from just one room.  Other older games that we’ve played forever were enjoyed as usual, “Qwirkle” plus it’s derivative “Qwirkle Cubes” (I like the original better), some “Pandemic” which hallelujah we finally beat and “Carcassonne Hunters/Gatherers“.

After a lot of gaming we decided we needed to get out, so we got tickets to see ‘oVo‘. If you are a Cirque fan, and I definitely am, then you go and see any new show when you can. OVO was expensive, as all Cirque shows are, and we paid a premium to be in the front row. My friend is 6’7″ he NEEDS his leg room, but all of us felt it was well worth it. I really enjoyed the show, even though they had to stall the program for around 10 minutes because of a sound system failure. Personally the Diabolos guy is my hero for performing with the entire sound system squelching an ear piercing feedback loop at 11. Plus because it happened toward the beginning of his routine we were able to watch his whole act a second time. Good job dude!

The traffic during the trip back home after oVo must be discussed in this entry. IT.WAS.HORRIBLE! We got out of the show around 11 took a walk and then took over 2 hours to get well out of Boston because of all the traffic caused by construction. One of the MAJOR freeways was down to one lane (THE BREAKDOWN LANE at that). We were all overjoyed to find a 24hr McDonald’s on the way home for something, anything, to eat. It’s amazing how good a McNugget can taste, when you haven’t had anything to eat since 7 and it’s now 2 AM.

All in all I must put a HUGE shout out and thank you to my good friend for putting me up and putting up with me and the wife for this trip. THANK YOU!

If there is ever anything you need down here in the land of the burning sky (its HOT out there folks) just let me know and I’ll do my very best to make sure you have as comfortable and fun a trip as we did.

This was a GREAT vacation. Work is gonna suck after this.