SEC West Championship hopes

Still lots of games left but right now Ole Miss or LSU goes to the SEC Championship if they win out.
Alabama goes to the SEC Championship if they win out and Ole Miss loses another game. I think this is correct because Alabama would have a head up victory versus LSU and because of the UM loss to Florida.

After that a lot of wacky stuff would have to happen for any other team to make it and I doubt that’ll happen. I think even if State wins out LSU would have to drop 3 of it’s last four for them to get in. A&M would need to win out and have Alabama AND Ole Miss lose 2-3 more games each. I don’t see either of those situations happening. But any team can upset those top three by beating them.

Right now I think Ole Miss, Bama and LSU simply have to play their best and see how it turns out. It’s going to start getting crazy between those three going down the home stretch. I think there is a very good chance that the SEC will NOT be a part of the playoffs this year, and I’m okay with that. It doesn’t mean the SEC is ‘down’ (at lest not the West) or that the best football isn’t being played here. It just means we’ve got some serious parity compared to the other conferences.

Pretty good ballgames left in the SEC West!








UM needs some time to catch up to State in Bryant-Denny Stadium wins over Alabama.

These pages always crack me up.

Ole-Miss vs Alabama football history.

Miss. State vs Alabama football history.

Ole Miss basically ducked Alabama and didn’t play them if they could help it, for much of the beginning years of the SEC. Hell they didn’t play them AT ALL from 1945-1963. Alabama, Ole Miss, and MS State are all ‘founding members of the SEC’, yet Ole Miss found a way to NOT play Alabama for 18 years in a row. UM’s penchant to avoid games versus Alabama might explain why MSU has around 37 more games played against Alabama than UM.

Have to add that BOTH teams have dismal records vs Alabama, so I’ll give Ole Miss some breathing room. Perhaps in 37 more years of games they’ll have managed to win 8 times in Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium, like State has, which is tied with LSU for the most of any program.

Geez. I’m actually not sure I’ll be around for 37 more football seasons. Here’s hoping!



Notre Dame’s issues

I just have a few things to say to the Notre Dame fans out there complaining about their ‘low’ ranking by the selection committee. You have a ‘weak’ schedule this year. It was probably set years ago. You couldn’t have known it was weak when you set it up, but it is. The best team on that schedule BEAT YOU! Your best push to be in the mix is to win. THAT IS ALL YOU (or any team) CAN DO! Win the games on your schedule. If your schedule is weak, like Marshall’s, then you WON’T get consideration PERIOD.

Oh, and whining that “We schedule ‘good teams from big conferences’ unlike all you other teams!” is BULL SHIT!

You have to do that! YOU IDIOTS ARE NOT IN A CONFERENCE WITH OTHER GOOD TEAMS! If if didn’t schedule ‘good teams’ from other conferences you’d be playing such a weak schedule no one would be paying you ANY attention AT ALL!

You want a guarantee to play ‘good teams’ join a power 5 conference, otherwise just accept that some years you’re just going to have a weak schedule no matter how hard you try not to.

Why all the SEC love/hate?

When a group gets obnoxious you tend to dislike them. For example, MSU fans hate Ole Miss fans, and Ole Miss fans hate LSU fans, and everyone hates Alabama fans, and on and on it goes.

Why do the teams of the SEC rally together at bowl season? I’ve not seen other conference’s do this, though I think they are starting to, but only in retaliation against the SEC(that whole being obnoxious thing). The ‘conference pride’ seems to have started with the SEC but did it only start once the BCS era started?

I’m a part of the ‘SEC Fandom’ but I really have no idea how I got started. My ‘fandom’ has always been ‘MSU’ first, because I’m an alum, ‘Ole Miss’ second, because my whole family has ties there, then I decided to be ‘for’ the SEC West teams, then the SEC East teams and to always hate on LSU unless they are playing outside the conference. That third(and fourth) part is something I added on when the BCS started up, but I’m not sure how that got started. Did the BCS start conference pride or did it grow before that? I think it started when the SEC management got smart and tried to tie individual teams victories to the conference and I fell for it.

What about you guys? How does your ‘fandom’ work in regard to college football? And why?

SEC Bowling. Winner/Loser picks.

10 SEC schools are going bowling this year.

Ole Miss vs Georgia Tech
Mississippi State vs Rice
Texas A&M vs Duke
Georgia vs Nebraska
LSU vs Iowa
South Carolina vs Wisconsin
Alabama vs Oklahoma
Missouri vs Oklahoma State
Vanderbilt vs Houston
Auburn vs Florida State

Which one(s) do you think will lose their bowl game?

I think MSU, A&M, and LSU should have the easiest time, and I’d never bet against Bama in a bowl. The rest should be really good games.

I’m most concerned about the Ole Miss and Auburn games.

You just don’t know how well the defense can handle the GT option offense and that puts the Ole Miss game in question in my mind. If they can handle it then it should be a really good day for UM, other wise, watch out, it’s gonna be a shoot out.

After the SEC championship game, I have no idea how Auburn’s defense will do versus the FSU offense. FSU has one of(if not THE) best offenses out there, and is a really well rounded team. Will the SEC domination be coming to an end, or will the SEC secure forever the last 8 wins of the BCS era?


HAIL STATE! Beat Ole Miss and get to go bowling! Well done boys! (Still not impressed with the coaching this year.)

Looking through the list of bowls this year I must say my overwhelming response to most match ups is, “Don’t Care” or “Uninteresting because it’s going to be a blowout.” I mean as a friend said of “Duke vs Texas A&M”, “Doesn’t that look like a typo?”.

There are the ones that I’m looking forward to.

Fresno State vs. USC

Boise State vs. Oregon State

BYU vs. Washington

Miami vs. Louisville

Michigan vs. Kansas State

Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech

Arizona State vs. Texas Tech

Virginia Tech vs. UCLA

Rice vs. Mississippi State

Nebraska vs. Georgia

Wisconsin vs. South Carolina

Stanford vs. Michigan State

Oklahoma vs. Alabama

Oklahoma State vs. Missouri

Vanderbilt vs. Houston

Florida State vs. Auburn (No idea who’ll win the big one!)


A couple that I don’t really care who wins but will watch include Clemson-OSU (both over-hyped this year.) UCF-Baylor, Iowa-LSU.

What games do you guys wanna watch?