Before I post about PAX

I just want to show everyone something.

My friend Rachel works for Turbine and she was working during PAX. She was handing out foam chainsaws for ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’. That game isn’t made by Turbine but is being produced by Warner Brothers so Turbine employees got called in to help, because they are located in Boston. What I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention is this fact:

The line for playing the demo to this game was always at least 2 hours long!

Believe it, Or NOT!

I give you a promo video of Lollipop Chainsaw:


Also the actress playing the part of ‘the cheerleader’ was asked to leave on the second day because her costume was too racy. You decide.

2 Days Later

Adventures in computer repair, are hopefully concluded.

As of now I’ve:

  • Formatted and moved the hard drive so that a different SATA cable is used
  • Installed Win7 64, and patched it, and patched it, and patched it some more
  • Installed Avira anti-virus
  • Installed firefox(I really should get around to giving Chrome a real try)
  • Installed creative drivers
  • Installed Steam(Plus 4 of it’s games, and let it update my video card driver)
  • Installed Lord of the Rings Online

The audio drivers were installed manually because Windows 7 didn’t auto-install the correct drivers for it. I’m experimenting with letting Steam keep the video driver up to date. The initial update ran with no problems. I’ll actually start playing some of the games (mostly LOTRO I’m sure) tonight. So the ‘shake down cruise’ will begin tonight. If the games run without problems I will consider the computer fixed.

Even if the computer is ‘fixed’ I think it may be time to start slowly buying the components for a new computer. Start with buying a new case and power supply one month, then a motherboard the next, etc.  Probably start doing that AFTER Christmas. Okay, honestly, after my wallet recovers from Christmas.

And so the hunt begins.

Mem test seems to be functioning without problems.

I’m thinking the problem is going to be the hard drive. Memory, power, and motherboard problems would cause a crash by now.  Only component NOT being used by the memtest that is being used on a normal boot is the HD.  I guess it COULD still be the video card. The memtest86 test isn’t exactly heavy on the graphics.

Am I wrong?

Edit: Heh! Um..oops!

I guess I’m upgrading that computer  to Windows 7 sooner than I thought. Hope there wasn’t too much data I’m gonna miss, the HD has been wiped.

I REALLY don’t wanna do this.

My game PC at home is messing up. I’ve managed to run a quick diagnostic on the hard drive and it looks okay, so it’s probably either the RAM or video card.

The computer locked up in the middle of a video game. Then when I rebooted it, it wanted to do a disk check and I let it. It locked up during the disk check. I rebooted it again and made it do the disk check AGAIN, this time it finished and didn’t find anything. I re-booted to get to the desktop but it locked up at a blank screen just before the windows UI starts loading. (It locked up there several times during the night’s many reboots.) I could get to the windows desktop on occasion but the box would lock up eventually as I did different things. When I say ‘lock up’; I mean it. Screen image freezes and you get no reaction from any input device. Only way to turn the box off is to either unplug it, or hold down the on/off switch for 10 seconds.

The whole problem started late last night, so I haven’t started being strict about my testing yet. Any good suggestions for testing tools? I haven’t done any of this type of thing in a couple of years and I’m out of practice and touch with the latest and greatest testing tools/software.  I would really rather find the misbehaving part instead of replacing the whole PC. I just don’t want to spend that kind of money right now.

The computer giving me all this trouble is a DELL. I guess I could go to their site and see what tools they have, when I start testing tonight. It’s well out of warranty, but maybe some of the tools are still free. I WILL be building my next box, however. They seem to last longer and be made of better parts than a comparably priced Dell.