Quick Anime Reviews: Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi

Rating: 6/10

Episodes 12, Season 1 (of 2)

Slice of Life, Comedy, Shounen, (Candy??)

Available On:
Other? No longer on CrunchyRoll. Maybe you can find it on YouTube or Amazon?

Kokonotsu (Coconuts) Shikada is heir to a small candy shop in a small out of the way town, but he wants to be a manga artist when he grows up. It’s a point of contention between him and his Dad, ‘You’. One day a strange, VERY CUTE, girl named Hotaru Shindare shows up to recruit ‘You’ to work for her father’s very large candy distribution company. However “You”, won’t leave until his son agrees to take over the shop. Hotaru starts trying to convince Coconuts to do just that immediately. Hilarity ensues. Hotaru is a candy otaku, and lives and breath the stuff, but doesn’t seem to know much else. Kokonotsu’s childhood friends Saya and Tou get caught up in the fun too. Both Tou and Saya find they like the strange Hotaru. Tou because she’s fine and he’s a teenaged boy, and Saya because if Hotaru is successful, Kokonotsu will stay in town. Saya’s got it bad for coconuts and everyone knows it, except Kokonotsu, of course. Saya may regret letting Kokonotsu spend so much time with Hotaru though, after all she IS very cute. Yeah there’s a love triangle in the air. But mostly it’s about the candy!

Not many from me honestly. It’s a bit obvious at times, but so is almost everything I watch. I do wish the main characters in a lot of these shows weren’t so dense that they cannot for the life of them, tell a girl (or boy) might, just MIGHT, actually already like them?….Oh, and why does everyone seem to be cross-eyed all the time?

Love that this is basically an ode to candy. Hotaru and Kokonotsu know about everything there is to know about the many and sundry candies of Japan and they go to great lengths to out ‘knowledge’ the other about the subject. Kokonotsu is caught up in this knowledge fest despite the fact that he doesn’t want to take over his dad’s shop, mostly because he gets to spend time with Hotaru. I mentioned she’s cute, and he’s not blind, right? Yeah, I get the feeling that the ‘love triangle’ is going to end with the childhood friend out. Does the childhood friend EVER get her man? Like, EVER? Saya better hope that Hotaru is more interested in candy than she is in Hotaru. Still, it’s a cute, fun show and you’ll know a lot more about candy when you are done!

Watch 2 episodes. If you like it, you’ll enjoy the rest. If you don’t; it doesn’t get any better go ahead and skip.

Season two is showing now and I’m enjoying it on CrunchyRoll.  Season one, the one being reviewed here, is not on CrunchyRoll. You’ll have to find it elsewhere.
Seriously, this is mostly a show made to talk about candy. You gotta love that, right?