Quick Anime Reviews: Dragonar Academy

Dragonar Academy

Rating: 4/10

Episodes: 12

Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Battle School

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Fantasy world where ‘Dragonars’ form bonds with various types of dragons and defend the kingdom from all threats. Our main character, Ash Blake, has three things that mark him as different from the other riders. One, he has the dragon’s mark, and in fact his is HUGE compared to everyone else’s, but no dragon has come forward for him. Second, he can mysteriously ride ANY dragon, even though dragons don’t let ANYONE but there bonded human touch them. And thirdly, when he DOES get his dragon parter it’s in the form of a young human girl instead of an actual dragon. This show ends up with a romantic triangle between Ash, his dragon, and a princess.

Typical ecchi/shonen type show. Nothing to make it stand out. I’m forgetting it even as I type this review.

Probably a fun light novel, but this one is just to ‘typical’ of the fantasy/ecchi/shonen type ‘battle school’ format to keep my interest.

Skip. Just…skip.

It’s REALLY close to a harem show, with the student body president just a half step away from trying to get in on the action. Since she didn’t, I’ll leave it as ‘Romance’ instead of ‘Harem’….barely.