Patent reform please

I don’t own any patents. I’m telling you that just to get it out of the way. I don’t own any patents, but I am a nerd and I keep up with technology. I enjoy technology, so I tend to follow topics about technology. Technology is being HINDERED by the current patent situation. Go to Ars Technica’s post about it. The best estimate they could come up with is around half a TRILLION dollars worth of damage to innovators, are coming from patent trolls. From the Ars article, “the patent system is actually becoming a net disincentive to innovation, especially software”.

In this country technology innovation and intellectual property are about the only things we seem to produce anymore. Our laws should be reformed to promote innovation not discourage it.  I’m at the point now where I don’t think software patents should even be legal. Just copyright it.

And that leads me into copyright reform. The WORSE thing we ever did with regard to copyright is let Disney mandate copyright reform and retroactively extend copyright. Copyright is supposed to give a temporary monopoly so innovation is encouraged. They keep extending it 20 more years whenever Steamboat Willie gets within a few years of expiring.

What is amateurism and is it really important?

The Atlantic has a new article from Taylor Branch that every college sports fan should read in it’s entirety, “The Shame of College Sports“. He points out some pretty damming things about the NCAA, and how college athletes are treated.

His finish is something that could make for an interesting topic all on it’s own. What is amateurism and is it really important? If so important to whom and why? The Olympics got rid of it’s amateur requirements and the world didn’t end. Would it matter to college sports?

War on Weather?

Hundreds if not thousands of Americans die every year due to weather related events and other natural disasters.

Hey politicians, how about a ‘war on weather’ where we improve our weather reporting infrastructure and a tax break for storm shelter construction?  Stimulative even.  Win-Win.

Giving anonymously

This may reflect badly on me, but I’ve gotten to the point I don’t want to donate ANYTHING unless I can do it anonymously. EVERY, and I mean EVERY charity I’ve ever given to non-anonymously has basically HARASSED me with calls asking for more, eventually. I don’t even like answering the land line anymore, because I know, KNOW, that it’s going to be someone asking for money (or a politician). Everyone that ‘knows’ me, or the wife would be using our cell numbers.

I know money is tight everywhere, and I can even appreciate the position the charities are in, but there are only so many calls you can get till you just want off their damn lists, much less giving to someone new so you end up on ANOTHER list you want off of.

Please, just let me give on my own time. That’s all I’m asking.