Quick Anime Reviews: Several

I’m going to be ULTRA QUICK on these and just hit a highlight(lowlight?) and a recommendation:

“I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to get a Job”:
Recommendation: Skip.

If it had an ending I’d recommend it, but it doesn’t have one, so:
Recommendation: Skip.

“Special A”:
Recommendation: If you like this genre, watch. Skipworthy otherwise.

“Fate/Kalied liner Prisma Illya“:(Season 1)
I thought this was going to be a silly carefree show. It is not. Way darker than I like.
Recommendation: Skip (Unless you LIKE seeing 10 year old girls put into mortal peril.)

“Mashiroiro Symphony”:
The main character DOES pick an actual girl out of the bunch. But WHY?
Recommendation: Skip.

“Ano Natsu de Matteru”:
Recommendation: Skip. (But it was close)

“UQ Holder”:
Recommendation: Do you like Negima?
Yes? Watch

Recommendation: Watch!
I really liked this one and I’m going to watch more of this series when I get the chance.