One more thing about college football rankings

I just want to add this for posterity. YES every college football fan enjoys their team being highly rated and their players being considered for Heisman. BUT! (You knew that was coming right?)

BUT, don’t let the rankings or Heisman talk bother you till around the end of October or the beginning of November. Until then it’s just speculation, guesses, BS and PR.

Hard to believe, but this is an even bigger weekend than last.

The ramifications of this weekends football games for Mississippi State and Ole Miss are so huge, I am refusing to speculate on them. I’m simply going to wish both teams ‘good luck’, and I hope ya’ll win!

And to top it off, I have a family reunion to attend. They had BETTER have a TV DAMMIT!

Yes, hello Uncle Never See, please get out from in front of the TV!

MS State’s first game

I was able to learn a lot more about Ole Miss from their first game than I was from MS State. It’s not that State didn’t play well, they did fine. No the problem was the opponent. Southern Miss was just so bad, I have no idea how good MS State really is, and I don’t expect the next two opponents to show much either. I guess I’ll just have to wait till the LSU game to know what MSU is working with and toward this year.

I guess on the positive side, they’ll get 3 games to work out the kinks before being tested. One the negative side, they may get lazy or complacent after 3 easy games.



Ole Miss’ First Game

I haven’t made any prediction about MS State or Ole Miss this year, and honestly I don’t plan to. I’m just going to enjoy the ride that is the college football season. I will say just a few things about UM’s first outing.

  1. Coach Freeze is going to have to make damn sure the team gets their head in the damn game. No excuse for that many penalties, first game ‘jitters’ or not.
  2. Ole Miss is going to have problems running up the middle with that O-line.
  3. Boise State isn’t a powerhouse. Ole Miss looked mediocre against them for three quarters. UM needs to up their game if they intend to contend for the SEC West.

As for Texas A&M, I’m HOPING that South Carolina is just awful on defense because otherwise this does not bode well for the Mississippi team’s chances.


SC had NO ANSWERS for A&M’s offense. NONE!

Why all the SEC love/hate?

When a group gets obnoxious you tend to dislike them. For example, MSU fans hate Ole Miss fans, and Ole Miss fans hate LSU fans, and everyone hates Alabama fans, and on and on it goes.

Why do the teams of the SEC rally together at bowl season? I’ve not seen other conference’s do this, though I think they are starting to, but only in retaliation against the SEC(that whole being obnoxious thing). The ‘conference pride’ seems to have started with the SEC but did it only start once the BCS era started?

I’m a part of the ‘SEC Fandom’ but I really have no idea how I got started. My ‘fandom’ has always been ‘MSU’ first, because I’m an alum, ‘Ole Miss’ second, because my whole family has ties there, then I decided to be ‘for’ the SEC West teams, then the SEC East teams and to always hate on LSU unless they are playing outside the conference. That third(and fourth) part is something I added on when the BCS started up, but I’m not sure how that got started. Did the BCS start conference pride or did it grow before that? I think it started when the SEC management got smart and tried to tie individual teams victories to the conference and I fell for it.

What about you guys? How does your ‘fandom’ work in regard to college football? And why?

2013 College Football season is in the bag

And it was a great season!

With Auburn losing the BCS National Championship game to Florida State the BCS comes to a close, as does the SEC winning streak. I can’t wait to see if the SEC can start a new streak next season with the beginning of the playoff system. (Still should be 8 teams not 4!)

MSU ended up 7-6 finishing strong with a big win against Rice.

Ole Miss ended up 8-5 with an ‘upset’ win against Georgia Tech.

The SEC went 7-3, so a good bowl season overall. I feel the West was particularly strong this year and every team from the SEC west went bowling except Arkansas. The East probably wasn’t as far behind as I’d like to think, but they only sent 4 out of 7 teams to bowls this year, with Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky sitting out.

Congrats to all the SEC players, coaches and staff. Have a good rest and get back to it! Good luck next season, see ya in September!