Whoo! The missus and I are off, for two glorious weeks, to Boston. We’ll be visiting one of my oldest and bestest friends. Beer! Food! Alcohol! Food! BEER! and we’ll play all sorts of geeky, nerdy games, cuz that’s how we roll up there.

I do expect to check the blog, my email and such so if anyone needs us we’ll be in touch.

Here’s to hoping it’s at least a couple degrees cooler up north.

Oh. And today is my birthday. Happy birthday me.

Not going to bank with Regions anymore

Just got off the phone with a friend of mine. This is his story.

He travels a LOT and wines and dines customers as part of his job. His company reimburses him, of course, but it’s nothing for a thousand dollars to be ‘off’ when he does his bills. He had an unusually busy two months the last couple of months. He noticed recently that his bank account was empty. This was odd to say the least. He had a good nest egg in there, so he does a deep inventory of his account.

He helped out a woman and her kids about a year and a half ago. Let them live with him for 5 months or so (was only supposed to be 2), to let her get her feet under her again. She had managed to bankrupt herself. She had moved out a long time ago and he has since decided that as much as he wanted to help those kids out he just couldn’t let her stay in his house any more.  She didn’t seem to be using this opportunity to save.

The missing money from his account was from the checks she stole and then used. She forged his name on the checks. When he discovered this he reported it. He didn’t want the woman to go to jail but she had stolen around 4 thousand dollars. So he did what he had to do. He reported the stolen checks to the bank and the police.

Turns out he needn’t have bothered telling Regions. They told him they’d take care of it and he’d get his money back within two weeks. Two weeks later he’s checking to see why his money hasn’t been returned. Turns out one of the four checks she wrote was over 30 days old so Regions decided they didn’t need to do anything about that one….OR THE ONES THAT WERE LESS THAN 30 DAYS OLD! They’ve basically told him to fuck off. They aren’t getting his money back. Apparently if she could steal a couple more checks she could just keep writing bad checks as far as Regions is concerned.

If this is the way that Regions is going to do business then I choose to no longer do business with them. I would recommend that unless you feel some real NEED to do business with Regions that perhaps you should choose another bank. One that might actually try to recover money stolen from your account.

Fun in Vegas

Nikki and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas. My friend and college roommate, Tad, turned 40 this year, and his wife Lindsay wanted to surprise him with a trip to Vegas with his old friends. Chris and I were more than happy to oblige. We managed to keep our appearance a complete surprise and Tad had a really unexpected Friday night. We talked about old times, current times and fantasy times. We managed to watch the Imax version of ‘Watchmen‘ and we caught the Cirque du Soleil show Mystere. Pretty sure Nikki wasn’t wowed with Watchmen like the boys and I were, but she certainly enjoyed Mystere. We were in a front row seat and the clown pulled us into his last act with Chris and I getting taped up so we couldn’t turn around, and Tad being stuck as a candelabra for the clown’s attempted seduction of the cute blond behind us.  One of the performers managed to scare Nikki by coming up behind her and staring at her about 3 inches from her face. She ‘felt’ something there, turned, and lept in surprise, much to the enjoyment of all the other patrons.  Good times!

Wish we could have stayed one more day.