Bad things just keep happening around and to ‘The Secret World’

As if times weren’t bad enough for Funcom, with ‘The Secret World’ being one of the best kept secrets in the MMO world; Secret as in nobody seems to know about it or more importantly PLAY IT! They’ve had a good MMO that is VASTLY under-performing, they’ve laid off half their staff including the head designer and now, their former CEO is under investigation for insider trading.  Seems the CEO changed positions and was allowed to sell some of his Funcom stock, which he did as fast as he could, just before ‘The Secret World’ came out. The stock has since fallen from $17.60 a share to around $2.23 today. It sure looks like someone in his position knew what was about to happen and took full advantage of what he knew.


So sad, I really liked “The Secret World” but there just isn’t enough ‘there, there’.  In good gaming news however I’m enjoying the crap outta Guild wars 2! GW2 has sold over 2 million copies so there shouldn’t be any sad sob stories coming out any time soon about Arenanet!


Oh, and in case you didn’t get the memo, BUY GW2, start your characters on Anvil Rock and help me level!



Sad to see this about Funcom’s “The Secret World”

According to Kotaku ‘The Secret World’ just had half it’s staff laid off. As someone playing and REALLY enjoying my time with the game this makes me very sad. I always knew the game would probably only last around 3 months before I moved on, but I had planned to play it again in a few months after they’d added some more content. Now, it sounds like content is going to take even LONGER to get produced. I’d classify the game as a fun story driven MMO that you can lose a good couple months in, but it just never got the numbers it needed. I guess it’ll be going ‘Free-To-Play’ even faster than I thought. Kinda glad I didn’t get that lifetime subscription they offered.

Still, if you want something a bit different this is a great, fun, theme park MMO. If you can get it cheap I highly recommend it for a month or two of play.

I has a sad. 🙁