Not going to happen

I checked on the .com version of my blog today.  I think it used to belong to a hotel somewhere in Germany. I say ‘used to’ because GoDaddy has it on auction going for $1800. I’m not sure who’s willing to pay that much for it, but lemme tell ya, you are WELCOME to buy .org and .net from me for the same price! I’ll even drop the price to $1500 each, because I’m such a nice guy!

The various dances of Guild Wars 2!

Most of the MMO’s I play include the command ‘/dance’. Now when you do this ’emote’ you just never know what you’re gonna get. Sometimes it’s just horrible but others it’s really really fun. The last couple of years I swear the various MMO’s are going out of their way to make more and more interesting dances into their games. Check out the various dances in Guild Wars 2!



Edit: Some people had a lot of fun with the dance emotes during the GW2 beta


2nd Edit: Can’t help myself. Spotted this one when I was looking at the previous two. It’s Guild Wars 1 but I still enjoyed the music and the editing. This guy did a great job.

Wreck-It Ralph

So, you guys wanna see this or not?


I have a feeling this is going to be a fun movie, but the kids this is aimed won’t know all the cameo games making an appearance, so I think that’s more for the parents. Also that is a draw for parents so it’s probably good marketing by Disney too. Gotta ask though, how tough was it to get permission to use all those characters? There were a ton of recognizable characters just in the trailer.

Arr! It’s driving me nutz!

Had a cavity filled this morning. Left lower face and jaw were numbed for the procedure. The numbness is starting to fad and my face itches. IT ITCHES BUT I CANNOT FEEL IT WHEN I SCRATCH SO IT CONTINUES TO ITCH! I have a ‘itch I can’t scratch’ situation here folks and its driving me nutz! ARRGH!

Obligatory Robot Chicken reference: