Bit overwhelmed by the response

I went back and played Guild Wars 2 again this weekend after around a 6 month hiatus. I just LOVE the fact that I can go back and play without it costing me anything. I had forgotten how pretty the game world was and how much I really enjoyed the ‘vistas’ they put into the game. Because I was a bit uncertain(flat out couldn’t remember) how to play my level 80 characters, and the game was throwing all sorts of new information and requests at me about those guys I decided to just run around on a level 12 character.

While doing the vistas in the Human starting area ‘Queensdale’ I took some screenshots during the vista camera pan. I was surprised to find out that dropbox was saving them for me, so I shared them on Google+. The response on G+ was a bit intimidating. I’ve never had so many people comment on one of my posts or give me so many ‘+’ ones.

Thank you guys, I think I’ll continue to take screenshots of the various vista’s I hit in game.

I also decided to give Arenanet some cash for their ongoing support of the game. I bought $10 worth of ‘gems’ and used those to purchase a new character slot. I’m now running around the icy homeland of the Nords on a new Necromancer.

Got my first Guild Wars 2 character to max level.

Can I get a “Whoot! Whoot!”?

Finally got my elementalist up to level 80 in Guild Wars 2. So far, I’ve ONLY been doing normal PvE/Story line play with it. My plans are to finish the personal story line and then try to get 100% map completion. I may try to do a lot more of the jumping puzzles as well. I’ve strangely found them to be frustratingly fun.

Next, I’ll try to get my Thief and Ranger up to 80. I’m not sure I’ll ever do a dungeon. My small group of friends tried to do the level 40 ‘Caudicus Mansion’ this weekend and it ended in tears. We didn’t even come CLOSE to being able to figure out how to beat this place. My friends have NO DESIRE to try a dungeon again, so I guess I’m done with them too, unless I get a random invite some night and decide to go for it.

I don’t think my friends have any interest in PvP either, but I do intend to try out both the structured PvP and the WvWvW(I pronounce it wubwub). Right now, on my 80, I really need to figure out my stats a bit better. I bought a whole bunch of level 80 rare gear, and am now pretty much broke but hopefully it’ll make doing the story line easier. I have NO idea if the gear actually ‘fits’ with my playstyle and build.

Comparing GW2’s ‘Buy to Play’ vs ‘Free to Play’ and ‘Subscription’.

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 since it came out in August, and I must say it continues to be a lot of fun. My Elementalist is 65, my Thief is 49 and my Ranger is 43. I am only doing PvE so far, but I will eventually try out PvP. The dynamic events just MAKE this game sooo much fun.

But I wanted to discuss Guild Wars 2’s business model. To me, it’s ‘Buy to Play’ model, feels much more like a subscription game than a ‘Free to Play’ game. I’ve actually bought $20 worth of ‘gems’ since the game released. I used those gems to buy 2 extra character slots giving me 7 total. It was a spontaneous decision, and while I don’t regret it, I really didn’t need the 2 new characters it let me start. Because I’m only focused on 3 characters right now. I don’t feel any need to buy anything else right now. Okay, I’ll fess up, I may eventually buy one last character slot, because I’m an ‘alt-aholic’ and there are 8 classes to play(Gotta play’em all!). But otherwise the game plays just like a subscription game where the entire game is available to you and at most you have some extras you can purchase but nothing necessary.

Of the ‘Free to Play’ games I’ve tried, I’ve always found I was better off just paying their subscription if they offer one. LOTRO for example, I’d much rather just pay the subscription than figure out what new thing I need to buy to play ‘normally’ today. When I do go back to LOTRO I usually start my subscription back up too.  I’d probably play LOTRO a LOT more if I had a lifetime subscription(Oh, how Turbine must hate those lifers.) Tribes Ascend, is a free to play FPS, and while I don’t find it’s model as frustrating as LOTRO, it is definitely a more expensive game in the long run than a ‘buy to play’ game would be. They continuously put new skins(don’t care), and weapons (CARE CARE!) into the game. If I continued to play the game, (I’ve basically dropped it), they would be pinging me for 10$ here and 10$ there from now until I finally gave the game up. Being able to slowly gain the ‘xp’ needed to purchase weapons is nice, but I think they know exactly how to tune it, so that the normal player feels the need to drop them some cash, much like a subscription game would.

Overall, the game companies are going to get the money out of you, or they won’t be making games for long. Still, of all the various games I’ve played, I find I prefer the ‘Buy to Play’ model the most, with Subscription and ‘Free to Play’ a distant second and third. ‘Free To Play’ is my number three mostly because I find it is almost as expensive as a subscription (for me anyway) but WAY more frustrating to have to make time to make ANOTHER payment, while subscriptions don’t take any ‘time’ for me to set up.

Guild Wars 2 announces Halloween events!

I always loved the various ‘holiday events’ MMO’s have, and I’m really looking forward to what Guild Wars 2 is going to do. If you haven’t gotten the game yet I highly recommend it. No monthly fee means you can play it like any single player game if you want, but the Dynamic Events can keep you entertained all the way to 80, and they almost always have tons of people involved. At least the most fun ones do.

The various dances of Guild Wars 2!

Most of the MMO’s I play include the command ‘/dance’. Now when you do this ’emote’ you just never know what you’re gonna get. Sometimes it’s just horrible but others it’s really really fun. The last couple of years I swear the various MMO’s are going out of their way to make more and more interesting dances into their games. Check out the various dances in Guild Wars 2!



Edit: Some people had a lot of fun with the dance emotes during the GW2 beta


2nd Edit: Can’t help myself. Spotted this one when I was looking at the previous two. It’s Guild Wars 1 but I still enjoyed the music and the editing. This guy did a great job.