Local Politics; is texting suspicious?

I’ve decided to lay off of the national politics blogs for awhile and focus on local versions. It’s been quite the eyeopening experience. I think the guys (it’s mostly guys) covering the state are doing a pretty good job, and I try to read them even if their politics are quite different from mine. The blogs seem to be run by well educated people that try to keep themselves informed, and I think THAT may be the reason all of them seem to have no time for a lot of the Tea Party nonsense, even the more ‘conservative’ ones. They all rely heavily on local newspapers and news stations to keep them informed, so that’s making me re-consider a subscription to the Clarion-Ledger. I’m pretty sure I still wouldn’t read the paper version, but I might read the online version more.

Anyway, the story that jumps out lately, is of course, the MS Senate race, but I actually want to talk briefly about something else. The theme of political corruption is the main driver of this post by ‘CottonmouthBlog‘ poster “Cottonmouth”. The reason it pops out to me is that my place of work is mentioned in relation to the corruption. I have NO IDEA if the allegation is true or not, I’m in no way related to the story and have no personal knowledge of the situation. But I do wonder if ‘text messages with a contractor’ is an issue. I text message several contractors all the time. First, they are personal friends that I know FROM WORK but like to hang out with outside of work, and secondly, they can actually help me solve problems here at work because they worked on the systems I’m tasked with supporting. Is just the act of texting a contractor really all that suspicious?

This is HORRIBLE, what is wrong with you England?

Ars Technica has a story up about how a man in the UK, has been sentenced to 4 years in prison, at the behest AND PROSECUTION of a private company. I don’t care if the guy is guilty as sin the ability of a corporation to decide who to prosecute is HORRID!

The UK is also recently decided to extradite Richard O’Dwyer for what MAY be a crime in the US but ISN’T in the UK. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT! You read that right, they are extraditing a British citizen from his home in England to the US to be tried for what is a CIVIL offense.

What the hell is wrong with you England? Have you decided to completely give the reigns of power over your citizens to corporations?  Is this what we get to look forward to eventually here in the US?

Oracle says Java API requires a license

Okay, I know nothing except what I’ve read over at Ars about this. So if you know whats going on please correct me if I’m wrong, but this trial looks lose/lose for Oracle to me.

If Oracle loses the case then it gets nothing but another reason to not use it’s products because of it’s penchant to sue people that use it’s products.

And if they win? Is Oracle really trying to say that the Java API is copyright-able, and therefore a license is required to use Java, so Google owes them truckloads of cash? Because if they win that argument, I know almost EVERYONE that writes software will NEVER use Java again. Why use any proprietary language if it’s creator/API creator can randomly shake you down anytime they want?

WTF Oracle?