Caught the exhibit this weekend.

Went to the Mississippi Museum of Art this weekend with the wife. We went to see the ‘Old Masters to Monet‘ exhibit. It was wonderful. Really loved the impressionist’s paintings. My only complaint is that I CANNOT find a list of all the paintings with an image of the painting. There was a painting of a town done with ‘points’ that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, that I’d love to get a screenshot or print of it.I THINK it’s Hippolyte Petitjean’s ‘Country Village’ 1893, but I can’t find an image on the internet to confirm it.

The Van Gogh of course immediately draws the eye. His self portrait is a stand out even among stand-outs. I loved the Monet’s they had as well. Just go see it!

The exhibit has almost finished its run here in Mississippi, so even if you are only a LITTLE interested GO! GO NOW!

The Museum does have a YouTube series about the exhibit.