MSU was better statistically at the end of last year!

In the first six games this year, MSU has scored 24 points TOTAL in the 3rd quarter.

In the first six games this year, MSU has scored 17 points in the fourth quarter.

Total points in the second half versus LSU and Auburn? 10 all in the third quarter.

The other 14 of the third quarter and ALL 17 fourth quarter points were scored versus Troy and Alcorn.

These are pathetic numbers.

Remember how badly we ended the 2012 season? Our numbers were BETTER in those last 6 games than our first 6 this year!

Last 6 games of 2012(went 1-5):

3rd quarter point total: 31

4th quarter point total: 41



WHEE!! MSU is competitive….in the MAC

MSU has been thoroughly un-enjoyable to watch this season. They ALMOST pull off a enjoyable game like Auburn but then the idiotic defensive play calling makes the game obvious to anyone that’s watched a football game in the last decade. This weekends nail-biter certainly wasn’t much fun for MSU fans(Bowling Green fans probably enjoyed all but the end.) MSU barely held on to win versus a good MAC team. Let that sink in. While Ole Miss is giving Texas A&M all they can handle Bowling Green was about all State could handle.

I know I’m in ‘crazy/idiotic/unrealistic fan’ mode here but I honestly don’t think Mullen is getting it done. Maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong, but right now I think the thing that is ‘wrong’ with MSU football is the coaching staff.

Congrats and sorry to UM fans. That was a very entertaining game versus A&M and you ALMOST pulled it off. Better luck next year.

So fire the guy that put all the SEC games on at the same time!

With that out of the way, there is no joy in Mississippi this week.

Mississippi State played a great game for around 45 minutes. Then they turned to unadulterated shit. 28 points in the last quarter? For crying out loud LSU’s coaching staff wasn’t even TRYING to score the last half of the quarter. They were calling things like dives over and over and the MSU defense wouldn’t TACKLE the son-of-bitch. It was a PATHETIC display of giving up, and I blame the coaching staff for that. That’s 3 complete failures that I put on the coaching staff’s shoulders so far this year. This staff sucks.

Don’t know what happened in the Ole Miss or Southern Miss games. Southern must be even worse that I thought to have lost to FIU. WTH GUYS? As for Ole Miss, I know there were some turnovers, but I’ll have to have the Ole Miss faithful fill me in on what happened. Was Auburn just better than thought or Ole Miss weaker? Both?

Not sure what to expect going forward. MSU shows flashes of being an actual good team, but then just folds completely before the end of the game. Ole Miss should be in for a hard stretch in their schedule. Could be a long season.

The ‘enjoyment period’ of MS State football gets shorter every year.

So, as a MSU alum and fan, I watched the first game of the season and enjoyed the game for about a quarter. After that everything went to shit, and if it continues this way we can look forward to a 3-4 win season. After the first drive, which I understand is scripted by Coach Mullen and looked good, they go back to normal play calling. I haven’t seen play calling that bad since Rocky Felker[Mr. Up the middle, up the middle, up the middle, PUNT himself]. Speaking of “up the middle”, am I wrong, or did MSU call three DIVES in a row only to punt at one point in the game? WTF? This wasn’t just ‘conservative’ play calling, it was STUPID play calling, and if it’s what we can expect the rest of the season, then the season is already over. We can call it a season being proud of beating our powder-puff non-conference opponents, and rail against the sports gods about how unfair the sound thrashing we got from EVERY SINGLE SEC OPPONENT was.

You’ll notice I’m not berating the defense or special teams. That’s because those teams played well. Met expectations. The defense eventually broke it’s true, but that is what happens when your coaching staff is so BAD at their jobs that the offense keeps going 3 and out. If you are only giving the defense a 3-5 minute break they WILL tire out and the opponent WILL move the ball on you.

As for Ole Miss, they’ll be fine. They won a close one against Vandy (who will also do well). Neither team gave up, and while mistakes were made the team is young and will learn and improve. High marks for Vanderbilt receiver Jordan Matthews. He got hit so hard in the gut that it made him lose his lunch, but he STILL came back to help his team. I’m sure that last turnover weighs heavy on him but it was a great effort and there was no blame to be put on him for that loss.


Ineffective taunts

Saw this link to ‘Hot and Not in the SEC‘ a couple days ago on BigJim’s blog.

While I don’t disagree that State’s performance in this years EggBowl is definitely a ‘not’ in that blogs parlance, I must point out that ‘The School Down South’ isn’t an insult and doesn’t work as such the way ‘The School Up North’ does. One of Ole Miss’ points of pride is as a Southern school; the ‘Harvard of the South’ and such. Putting ‘North’ in a reference to them IS the insult. And I must admit it’s one of the best insults I’ve ever heard of for Ole Miss. It REALLY rankles the fans and alumni, because you’re basically calling them Yankees, which they think of as basically the worst thing you can be. (Maybe even worse than being a bulldog!)

So, I just wanted to point out that Chris Low needs to find a more appropriate insult than ‘The School Down South’, for MSU.


Checking the predictions. MSU/UM

Now that we are at the half way point, I wanted to take a look at how my predictions are standing up. I think I did a pretty good job.

I predicted a 9-3 season for MSU, and a 4-8 season for Ole Miss, with caveats for best and worse case scenarios. I’m relieved that neither team is going to hit their worst case scenario, and both still have shots at their best case scenarios. Ole Miss is ALREADY at their predicted 4 wins, so any more are a huge step up from where I (and most everyone) thought they’d be at this point.

I still think MSU is going to win the Eggbowl this year, but Ole Miss has a good shot at 6-6 if they can beat Arkansas and Vanderbilt. I’d love to see the Rebels get a bowl this year (but not at State’s expense). As for State I’ll hold out hope for a 10-2 season, but I’m gonna be worried about the A&M and Arkansas games. A&M has some playmakers and while Arkansas has been truly awful at the beginning of the season they seem to be rallying a bit lately.

I’ll be honest about this. I did NOT see Auburn and Arkansas being as bad as they have been this year. It gives me hope that both Mississippi schools can beat both of those teams this year. And here’s to hoping LSU has an off night when they play one or both of our schools!