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Just wanted to share a twitter conversation between me an BigJim about how easy it was to use an iTunes gift card:

berial:    That code redemption was even easier than the e-mail said. I just opened it[edit: e-mail] on the iPhone and double tapped the code.
bigjim:   Apple makes it easy for you to spend money with them 🙂
berial:    Smart. Very Smart. Wonder why ALL the other people at MPAA/RIAA go the extreme opposite and then complain about piracy?
bigjim:   and look who made $13B in profit last quarter.
berial:    Look at who keeps trying to buy congress to pass their custom tailored laws.
bigjim:   wonder how that is working out for them?


99 cents per song is reasonable right?


MP3 players holds roughly 100-250 songs per GB.
The MPAA wants songs to cost minimum around $.99 per song.
‘Smart phones’ have from 8-64 GB of space.
People don’t use ALL the space on their phones for music.

If the above assumptions are true:

The average cost of the music on 1GB of space is roughly $99-$247.50.

That means the cost of music is MORE than the cost of the device it is on. This may not be surprising but it also means:

The cost of the music on a 64GB Phone, with lets say around roughly 32GB of music, would cost $3,168-$7,920 JUST FOR THE MUSIC.
If the Phone held the max lets say 60GB the music would have cost around $5,940-14,850.

I don’t know about you but my first CAR cost less than that, and I SURELY never spent that much on music.

If the MPAA had it’s way, and we were forced to re-buy our music every time we shift it from one format to another, replacing your Smart Phone would cost you roughtly the replacement cost of a used car EVERY TIME! They better have given this older idea up completely, otherwise EVERYONE will end up being a pirate.

Also with digital space(hard drive, optical, whatever) getting smaller while holding MORE all the time, the music industry better hope their consumers find something else to put on their devices, or there WILL be a lot more priacy in the future than now. Even though $.99 sounds completely reasonable, when people have simple devices that will hold 6,400-16,000+ songs there is simply no way the average consumer is paying that price for all of the songs.

I just wanted to share. I was struck by some arguments in a forum and decided to do some math, which I had never really bothered doing before.

Who does the best version of ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’?

I’ve always been partial to the original by ‘The Band’, but I know some people prefer the Joan Baez or Johnny Cash versions?

No real reason for the poll, I just heard the Baez version on the radio coming into work and it made me realize how much I prefer ‘The Band’s’ version.


Some quick examples you can find on youtube:

The Band:


Joan Baez:


Johnny Cash:

Auto-tune used for good instead of evil.

Today’s “That’s cool!” brought to you by “Symphony of Science” Lots of auto-tuned stuff but I really enjoyed this guys work. I love the way the various scientist’s enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity and pure joy at doing what they do, come through in this work.  Check out the other videos at the Symphony of Science website.



Never thought I’d have a post with the tags: cool, music and science at once.