Naruto and Bleach are ending? Wow…GOOD!

I remember reading these comix (sorry Manga) way back in like 2003 or something. I enjoyed them for awhile but man do they stretch overlong. I was able to binge read a couple of years worth of episodes at once and THAT was what made these things worth reading. I feel sorry for anyone that had to read an episode every week over something like 10-15 years, taking MONTHS just to finish one fight? No thanks.

Once they are over THEN they may be worth reading. Bingeing is the best way to read these things. Hell, I went back a while ago and Bleach was so bad I was amazed it was still running. Both of these series would have been better if they had just ended after their first big arc. After that the stories just got beyond what I think the writers could handle.


/comic-manga nerd off.