Beginning to believe that profit based athletics have no place in education

Saw this linked from BigJim. It’s an apt title: The NCAA Has Truly Lost Its Mind. I don’t have much to add except perhaps the NCAA needs some whistle-blowers to come out and let the public know what they are actually up to, because it certainly doesn’t seem to be whats best for college athletes.

What is amateurism and is it really important?

The Atlantic has a new article from Taylor Branch that every college sports fan should read in it’s entirety, “The Shame of College Sports“. He points out some pretty damming things about the NCAA, and how college athletes are treated.

His finish is something that could make for an interesting topic all on it’s own. What is amateurism and is it really important? If so important to whom and why? The Olympics got rid of it’s amateur requirements and the world didn’t end. Would it matter to college sports?