Notre Dame’s issues

I just have a few¬†things to say to the Notre Dame fans out there complaining about their ‘low’ ranking by the selection committee. You have a ‘weak’ schedule this year. It was probably set years ago. You couldn’t have known it was weak when you set it up, but it is. The best team on that schedule BEAT YOU!¬†Your best push to be in the mix is to win. THAT IS ALL YOU (or any team) CAN DO! Win the games on your schedule. If your schedule is weak, like Marshall’s, then you WON’T get consideration PERIOD.

Oh, and whining that “We schedule ‘good teams from big conferences’ unlike all you other teams!” is BULL SHIT!

You have to do that! YOU IDIOTS ARE NOT IN A CONFERENCE WITH OTHER GOOD TEAMS! If if didn’t schedule ‘good teams’ from other conferences you’d be playing such a weak schedule no one would be paying you ANY attention AT ALL!

You want a guarantee to play ‘good teams’ join a power 5 conference, otherwise just accept that some years you’re just going to have a weak schedule no matter how hard you try not to.