MSU/UM football predictions for 2012

Or the post in which I embarrass myself. I’m putting my predictions for the year up as I have in the past.

As per usual, I will not go back and see how badly I’ve predicted in the past. I’m about looking forward to the upcoming football season, not backwards to the past of my¬†horribly, horribly, inaccurate and ill¬†conceived predictions.

This year I’m cheating a bit by giving a best/worst and actual prediction instead of just a simple prediction. So here it is:

MS State:
Best Worst Predicted
Jackson St. W W W
Auburn W L W
@Troy W W W
South Alabama W W W
@Kentucky W L W
Tennessee W L W
Middle Tenn. State [HC] W W W
@Alabama L L L
Texas A&M W L W
Arkansas W L L
@Ole Miss W L W
10-2 4-8 9-3

It could be a very interesting year for State fans. If everything goes wrong it could be a horrible 4-8 season with them even losing to UM, but I’m predicting it’s going to be more positive than negative in Starkville this year. I’m thinking the Auburn game is going to be very predictive of the year. If State can get past Auburn then a 7-0 start is very possible. The Auburn-State game has been very competitive the last few years, with State getting the short end of the stick. I’m hoping they find a way to win this year and end up with an awesome season. I think Auburn, Kentucky, Tenn, A&M, and Arkansas are all beatable by State this year, but doubt all of them WILL be beaten this year.

Ole Miss:
Best Worst Predicted
Central Arkansas W W W
Texas W L L
@Tulane W W W
@Alabama L L L
Texas A&M W L L
Auburn [HC] L L L
@Arkansas L L L
@Georgia L L L
Vanderbilt W L W
MS State W L L
7-5 3-9 4-8

Worst case, I see Ole Miss only doing 1 game better than last year. In the best case, I can see Ole Miss getting to 7 wins, but I don’t think this is a ‘best case’ kind of year for Ole Miss. I’m thinking they’ll double their wins from last year and get to 4, but in my opinion, it’s going to be a very long and unrewarding year for the Ole Miss faithful.