UM needs some time to catch up to State in Bryant-Denny Stadium wins over Alabama.

These pages always crack me up.

Ole-Miss vs Alabama football history.

Miss. State vs Alabama football history.

Ole Miss basically ducked Alabama and didn’t play them if they could help it, for much of the beginning years of the SEC. Hell they didn’t play them AT ALL from 1945-1963. Alabama, Ole Miss, and MS State are all ‘founding members of the SEC’, yet Ole Miss found a way to NOT play Alabama for 18 years in a row. UM’s penchant to avoid games versus Alabama might explain why MSU has around 37┬ámore games played against Alabama than UM.

Have to add that BOTH teams have dismal records vs Alabama, so I’ll give Ole Miss some breathing room. Perhaps in 37 more years of games they’ll have managed to win 8 times in Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium, like State has, which is tied with LSU for the most of any program.

Geez. I’m actually not sure I’ll be around for 37 more football seasons. Here’s hoping!




Rivalry trophies are like kids in a divorce. They never go ‘home’ they just stay with one parent or the other for a while before going back to the other one, and the entire time the host tries to convince the kid and themselves that they love them more than the other guys.