Water on the moon!?

Well water on the moon was news to me. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.  I had always thought, as the link said, that there was no way water was on the moon because of the composition of the moon rocks brought back by Apollo. Nice to see science self correcting and questioning long held assumptions.

Living on a volcano

Who knew Jackson MS, was so unique? No other capital city or major population center is located above an extinct volcano. According to this 8th grade education packet (see section 7). The Jackson Volcano lies 2900 feet below the state’s capital. The peak of the volcano is located below the coliseum.

I don’t even remember what I was looking up about Jackson now.  DAMN YOU Wikipedia! That’s 10 minutes of education I’m gonna have to kill with beer! Mmmmmm, beer!

Edit: DEQ knew and never told me!

More reason to stop reading: Space Storms!

From the New Scientist about what would happen if the sun threw off some plasma at our modern electric society.

“If a Carrington event happened now, it would be like a hurricane Katrina, but 10 times worse,” says Paul Kintner, a plasma physicist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

In reality, it would be much worse than that. Hurricane Katrina’s societal and economic impact has been measured at $81 billion to $125 billion. According to the NAS report, the impact of what it terms a “severe geomagnetic storm scenario” could be as high as $2 trillion. And that’s just the first year after the storm. The NAS puts the recovery time at four to 10 years. It is questionable whether the US would ever bounce back.”

The thing is, the reason they have a name for it, is because it happend before, back in 1859 and a much weaker event happend in the Canadian province of Quebec in March 1989, and six million people spent 9 hours without electricity.  This is a pretty scary natural disaster waiting to crush our modern lifestyle.

Another wierd effect of this type of disaster is that it would effect the modern societies more than the 3rd world. Hell, we’d BE the third world after this event.