SEC Over-Under

Was listening to the radio this morning because I haven’t got a way to listen to podcasts on my new iPhone 5. (4s connectors are different so my old setup no longer works.) I just happened to scan through the Sports AM channel and they were talking SEC football so I hung around and listened. They were going over the over-under just announced for all the teams. Here’s what they listed: Got the list from here.

Alabama 11.5
Florida 9.5
Georgia 9.5
LSU 9.5
South Carolina 9.5
Texas A&M 9.5
Ole Miss 8.5
Vanderbilt 7.5
Auburn 6.5
Arkansas 5.5
Mississippi State 5.5
Missouri 5.5
Tennessee 5.5
Kentucky 3.5

Honestly I only really care to focus on the Mississippi schools. I don’t think Ole Miss will make it to 9, and I think MS State will get 6. I guess it’s mostly set up to get the bets flowing but some of these seem way to high while others are way to low. I haven’t looked at their schedule yet but Kentucky should win 4 at least right?