A bit overpriced.

I still find it hilarious that someone out there thinks they can sell ‘berial.com’ for $1800.00!
I think it’s probably a bit overpriced at $18.00, but hey, if you guys want berial.org, for the above I’d love to hear about it.

Now THIS is how you make a snarky takedown

I don’t often read RawStory but this piece about some complaints of the upcoming “Mad Max” movie was hilarious. That’s some snark in a pure perhaps even ‘raw’ state.


Edit: Looks like this post worked, so I just want to add, thanks to Brad for a successful move of my website! THANKS! Looks like everything works.

If US Representatives were actually based upon the smallest state’s population

Political Post so ignore: (I saw this mentioned as a needed change to the gerrymandered house and decided to figure out the actual numbers.)

A quick back of the envelope calculation of how many representatives each state would have if the representatives were chosen based upon the smallest state’s population.

Wyoming’s population is the smallest at 582,658. So they would get ONE representative and every other state’s number of representatives would be determined by dividing that state’s population by Wyoming’s and rounding up.

Currently we have 435 Representatives. Under this rule we would have 567 and they would break down thusly:

California 66
Texas 46
New York 34
Florida 34
Illinois 23
Pennsylvania 22
Ohio 20
Georgia 18
Michigan 17
North Carolina 17
New Jersey 16
Virginia 15
Wasington 12
Massachusetts 12
Arizona 12
Indiana 12
Tennessee 12
Missouri 11
Maryland 11
Wisconsin 10
Minnesota 10
Colorado 10
Alabama 9
South Carolina 9
Louisiana 8
Kentucky 8
Oregon 7
Oklahoma 7
Connecticut 7
Iowa 6
Mississippi 6
Arkansas 6
Utah 5
Kansas 5
Nevada 5
New Mexico 4
Nebraska 4
West Virginia 4
Iaho 3
Hawaii 3
Maine 3
New Hampshire 3
Rhode Island 2
Montana 2
Delaware 2
South Dakota 2
Alaska 2
North Dakota 2
Vermont 2
Wyoming 1
Total: 567

Birth of a new word?

First time I ever heard the term ‘Derp’ was in a South Park episode. They introduced a new character to replace Chef. Who knew then that a new word would enter the lexicon?

Apparently it’s popular enough that even the New York Times knows about it.


BigJim found that the earliest know ‘Derp’ was still Matt and Trey but it was in ‘Basketball’. Great catch!



Ten Days

In ten days the Berial.com URL will be sold at auction. They currently want 1800$ for it. I find this laughable, but who knows, maybe they WILL sell it. I hope they find a buyer, and that buyer wants to buy me out for the same price!

If that buyer isn’t found I wonder what will happen to Berial.com? Guess I’ll just have to wait 10 days to find out.

In the mean time I went ahead and re-upped Berial.org, net and info for two more years. I will probably need to find a new purpose for the website. Something that I will enjoy a bit more. It is a bit frustrating that NO BODY ever reads what I say. I can get ignored for free why should I pay a fee to be ignored!


PS: I still have no idea why ANYONE would expect to get $10 much less $1800 for Berial.anything.

EDIT: HA! Jokes on me, they extended the auction till April 24th!