Ineffective taunts

Saw this link to ‘Hot and Not in the SEC‘ a couple days ago on BigJim’s blog.

While I don’t disagree that State’s performance in this years EggBowl is definitely a ‘not’ in that blogs parlance, I must point out that ‘The School Down South’ isn’t an insult and doesn’t work as such the way ‘The School Up North’ does. One of Ole Miss’ points of pride is as a Southern school; the ‘Harvard of the South’ and such. Putting ‘North’ in a reference to them IS the insult. And I must admit it’s one of the best insults I’ve ever heard of for Ole Miss. It REALLY rankles the fans and alumni, because you’re basically calling them Yankees, which they think of as basically the worst thing you can be. (Maybe even worse than being a bulldog!)

So, I just wanted to point out that Chris Low needs to find a more appropriate insult than ‘The School Down South’, for MSU.


Where did all the great comics go?

I remember growing up reading Gary Larson’s ‘The Far Side’ and Berkeley Breathed’s “Bloom County”. Even today when I go back and read these guys work I’m amazed by how damn funny and SMART it was. Where is the funny; where is the smart, today?

I read quite a few web-comics, and while I like them, I really don’t think they live up to the funny AND smart standard of Larson or Breathed. XKCD is probably the closest current running comic that comes close. I don’t score him quite as highly simply because he only works with stickmen, but the funny and the smart is certainly there.

What am I missing? Point me to your favorites!


Well my neighborhood got hit hard with tons of kids all dressed up in all sorts of great little costumes. I had to turn the light out a bit earlier than usual (around 8:30) because the candy was running out. I ended up having around 6 pieces left,and that wouldn’t have been enough for some of the bigger groups I was seeing.

I have but one complaint about the holiday this year. Some of the teenagers really weren’t trying very hard. I swear one was just wearing his usual street clothes and carrying a small basketball. WTH kind of costume is that? A couple more were just there wearing a really cheap mask and their normal clothes.


Not going to happen

I checked on the .com version of my blog today.  I think it used to belong to a hotel somewhere in Germany. I say ‘used to’ because GoDaddy has it on auction going for $1800. I’m not sure who’s willing to pay that much for it, but lemme tell ya, you are WELCOME to buy .org and .net from me for the same price! I’ll even drop the price to $1500 each, because I’m such a nice guy!