Let the SWTOR era BEGIN!

I was able to get in the head start on the 15th, so if you pre-ordered and registered your pre-order by October 31, you are in the game. Even if you waited till the last day I expect you’ll get around 3 days early access so if you are interested go get it! I really enjoyed my two days of beta, but I didn’t get to really feel out all the characters, so I set up all my characters yesterday on the ‘Corellian Run’ server. I really enjoyed seeing all the beginnings for all the different character classes. Must give a waring out to people unfamiliar with SWTOR, if you don’t like cut-scenes you won’t like SWTOR, it’s full of ’em. Personally I really enjoy all of them, but you will need to occasionally tell anybody you are on voice chat with to “Shut up! I’m in a scene!”

So far as I said I really enjoyed the brief ‘intro’ stories for all the different characters, but I gotta say some characters are much more interesting than others and I personally feel a LOT of people are going to go ’empire’ just because those stories are a hell of a lot more interesting. I mean, you have the option of role-playing the story of a emotionless celibate monk always pushing peace treaties, or a Roman senator able to give into whatever passions you want and do whatever you want to WHOMEVER you can get away with doing it to. Which do YOU think would be more interesting?

The Jedi are by far the least interesting starter stories in the game in my opinion. The Trooper and Smuggler were much more interesting. I personally was planning on playing a Jedi Consular to start the game, but decided a better plan was to play all the characters to level 10, to get a feel for them, before picking one to be my main. So far, I think the trooper (my second choice pre-gameplay) has the better shot of being the main. I DIDN’T want to play the Smuggler at all before playing the game, but I gotta admit it’s growing on me. I loved the personality (“If I die, bury me with my ship!” LOL)

I do have some pet peeves with the game. They don’t let you create your own default setup for the game. I have a lot of keybindings that I always use game to game, and SWTOR makes you set up each character separately. There is probably a config file somewhere that I could edit or copy, but I haven’t found it yet.  As an example, by default autorun is bound to your mouse4 button which is nice I guess, but I use the extra mouse buttons on my device for combat maneuvers(it’s a PvP thing), so that has to go(and I have to do it over and over on every character. Annoying!)

Overall I’m really enjoying the game and look forward to playing out all 8 story lines. Even if I just played the game as a single player game I’m going to get many many hours out of the game just playing it out 8 different times. It’s really a great move on BioWare’s part. You basically get 8 games in one because none of the character classes share quests or storyline. However, that decision can come back to bite them later for expansions because they’ll basically have to create 8 expansion stories every time.

Oh, and just for the record, I pronounce SWTOR (“swoe-tor” [and sometimes “swoe-tar” thanks to a southern accent]). Just putting that out there.

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas this year and if I don’t see ya at the house I hope to see ya in game!