Maximize Shareholder Value BS

You always hear that myth that corporation’s first duty is to ‘maximize shareholder value’. Well that’s bunk, and I want an easy place to keep the response when someone tosses that BS my way, so I’m putting it here.

NakedCapitalism has the scoop and ya’ll should check it out. It’s a great econ blog.


Also included on that page: 

The illness stretches on!

This GD cold just won’t let go! I have to say THANK YOU LORD that it isn’t the flu, and ‘just’ a cold but it’s overstayed it’s welcome and needs to get out of my life!

This whole thing started Friday, and I missed work on Monday and Tuesday. I probably SHOULD have stayed home Wednesday because the hacking and nose blowing was still in more affect than I am comfortable with. Even today, Thursday, a full 3 days after seeing the doctor and getting plenty of ‘steroid spray’ for my nose, I’m STILL coughing and hacking a bit.


The latest ‘Nigerian Prince’ scam email, this time from the ‘FBI’.

Just got another one of those ‘we need your bank information to give you money’ scams. I love that it’s supposed to be from the ‘FBI’ but the email says it’s from ‘europ planet’ ( Make sure to tell your less technical friends about this. I mean it’s got to be working on SOMEONE or they’d quit right? Anyhow I’m pretty sure I’m safe from FBI’s need for me to have a non-existent DIST. Behold the latest scam in all it’s glory!

 FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

This is to notify you that huge funds valued at 8.3million Dollars have been transferred into your account. This transfer

was stopped today by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) because our verification showed that you do not possess the

Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer (DIST) to show that this fund is legit and rightly belongs to you.

Do reply to this e-mail so we can direct you accordingly where you will obtain this legal wiring document to fully

authorize the crediting of your fund into your main account.

FBI Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division
Special Agent, Michael J. Heimbach
FBI’s Washington Field Office.

So basically the news sucks because viewers are children.

The Atlantic has a piece about analytics. They point out that people SAY what news they want to watch and read, but then the analytics say something completely different. We say we want vegetables but then eat nothing but candy.

Since Journalism isn’t really about news(was it ever?), but about advertising, can a capitalist system actually produce good hard news? Is there a market for it? Should there need to be?

If we say, forced all the broadcasters out there to deliver between 6PM-7PM an hour of news with “NO COMMERCIALS”, would it be watched, or would the population just turn to cable for that hour?

I think those of us that want ‘hard news’ are in for bad times.