Still plugging away at Hearthstone.

Been playing Hearthstone since April ’15, and I really enjoy it when I’m not getting crushed by other players, but when I see how far I am from ‘complete decks’ in the game I get depressed. According to I’m still something like 1300$ from having all cards. That’s NOT going to happen. Oh, well. I’ve managed to get to rank 7 this month! A new personal best! I’m not going to focus on the expansions and just try to get all the classic cards for now. (But that’s still around $500 worth of packs!

SWTOR Update

So I went back to SWTOR for the express purpose of experiencing the class stories up to Chapter 4. It’s my understanding that the ‘stories’ converge at that point and only the ‘factions’ get different stories. So all the Agents, Sith and Bounty Hunters get the same basic stories from Chapter 4 on. I’ll do that part of the story too eventually to make sure. In the mean time I’ve been playing around a month and with the quick leveling they’ve put into the game (it’s REALLY easy to level) I’ve managed to get two characters through their  first three chapters. Here are some images of those characters.

My Agent (a sniper) in some level 65 gear.

My Agent (a sniper) in some level 65 gear.


My Sith Inquisitor Tank in her level 47 gear.


My Sith Inquisitor Tank in her level 51 gear. Still not as ugly as some of the other gear she’s worn. (Hated the bikini BS they threw at her.)


THAT looks like some seriously protective gear eh? Takes all kinds guys.

Blood Bowl 2 has a ‘vs AI’ mode and it’s BEATING me!

Look, I know I’m not ‘great’ at the game by any means. I’m also not a TOTAL noob, but damn it is both embarrassing and annoying as hell to LOSE a game of Blood Bowl (BloodBowl2 for those interested.) to the damn idiot AI.  I tend to play ‘bashy’ teams like Orc or Dwarves. I’ve also got a Chaos team going they are ‘kinda bashy’ but pretty weak starting out with no skills. I’m REALLY NOT HAPPY that when playing a skaven team MY TEAM is the one with 2 injured, 1 dead and 2 KO’ed, while he had 1 injured and 1 KO’ed. Just on average he should be the one hurt but the whole damn game was me failing rolls AND re-rolls and him NOT.   I shouldn’t let it get to me but DAMN this is really pissing me off.

Back on the wagon. WoW edition.

So I spotted some friends playing WoW again.My reaction was similar to this, but I re-upped my account anyway. Haven’t been playing long but I’ve gone from 85-88 on my Paladin and have only just finished THE FIRST PANDA ZONE! I’ve really only replaced 2-3 pieces of gear, including my 2 hander sword. Unlike cataclysm it seems the gear isn’t RADICALLY better immediately.

It really did take me a couple of days to re-integrate into the game. I haven’t played in 3 years and I couldn’t remember anything. Plus half of what I remembered has changed. I decided to drop holy and pick up retribution for leveling the pally. Hopefully the trip to 100 will be fun.

In the mean time, I’m off to Columbus for Thanksgiving where I’ll have no internet. So no updates from me for a bit. Here’s hoping for some great football this weekend and a good family time for everyone!

World of Warcraft classes personal fun ranking

A friend of mine recently started playing WoW again. This got me to thinking about all the time I’d put into that game and how I’m likely to NEVER have that kind of time on my hands again. Back in the day I played alts like other people played their mains. I had one of every class, on just about every server I played on it seemed.  So I had a good feel for what I enjoyed and what I didn’t. Here is my list from most favorite to least.

  1. Paladin
  2. Druid
  3. Mage
  4. Priest

After those four there is a big drop off and you get the next ‘batch’.

  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Rogue

Another big drop off and I finish up with:

  • Warrior
  • Death Knight
  • Shaman

I don’t list the Monk simply because I’ve never played it. I wonder where on this list it would fit?

Monk <–Not played.


How would you guys rank the classes by most fun to least? I might make small changes to the list if I knew I was going to be mostly playing solo, or grouped but I think that’s about right.

I’ve done well with Civ: Beyond Earth achievements

So far I have 57 of 64 (89%) Achievements Earned!

The achievements I have yet to get are multiplayer and higher difficulty wins plus a few misc others. I should get pretty much all of them EVENTUALLY, but for now I think I’ve slacked my thirst for the game. Plus I may need to take a break from ALL video games but more about that later.