Generic Election Post, Plus a BIG BITCH about my precinct’s voting machines.

Generic part,

I’ve voted. Have you? If you haven’t get out there and vote slacker!

The Bitch,

My voting precinct’s voting machines should NEVER have been purchased or allowed as a voting device ANYWHERE. Not because they are hard to use, they aren’t. Not because they confuse users, they don’t. No, they should NEVER have been even considered as a voting machine for one SIMPLE reason. YOU HAVE NO WAY OF ASSURING A PERSONS VOTE!

They have no paper receipt. If someone has set up the machine to flip every 3rd vote for one candidate or another THERE IS NO WAY TO TELL! If the machine display shows you voted for Candidate X, it could have recorded a vote for Candidate Y AND YOU’D NEVER KNOW!  Without paper receipts to act as a permanent record to be compared by the voter to their selection and that can be used in the event of a recount the machine is BOGUS!


I’m surprised this hasn’t been taken to court yet. For a voting machine to even be considered it must at minimum have some way to keep a PAPER TRAIL of votes, otherwise it’s nothing. You might as well ‘trust’ your local snakeoil salesman to pick the winner.