Vacations are exciting

So, whats the most exciting point of the vacation so far? The flight? The midnight drive to my friends house? Taco Bell? No it happened just as we were about to play mini-golf!

Yesterday, we decided to see the matinee showing of ‘Inception’ at the local Imax. We swug by early to get the tickets then to Wendy’s for a quick lunch. Turns out Wendy’s has been replaced by a combo KFC/Taco Hell Bell. I had to try out the double down, what with living dangerously and all. It was an interesting ‘sandwich’, but nobody cares about that get to the ‘exciting’!

After our tasty lunch we watched the movie, which we all enjoyed greatly. Good movie! Glad to see the ‘kid’ from “3rd Rock from the Sun” getting a good part. Good for him! hmm? What? oh..yeah..the point. the point.

Anyway, after the movie we headed out for some mini-golf so the Wife and I can show all these Yankees hows it’s done. I reach back to pay our share and ….I freak the HELL OUT!!! Why? My wallet is NOT on my person! We quickly go back to the KFC/TB to see if it’s there. I have visions of having to go dumpster diving looking for my wallet. It’s.NOT.THERE!

We go back to the theater which is now starting to let patrons into the theater for the next viewing. The cleaning crew had found nothing but I still saw cups and shit under the seats so we asked for a flashlight. We went strait to the correct seat and HALLELUJAH my wallet sat safe under my seat in a nice sticky spot. I could kiss it!

Losing my wallet then finding it is about as exciting a vacation as I can handle. Let’s get back to just zip-lining down a mountain or something more relaxing please!