Was just witness to some people being ‘shushed’ at work. The two were arguing about our calendaring system (Just for the record Notes sucks) and the fact that one of them, by declining a series of meetings had caused a problem for the other. [Aside: In notes you should accept a series of meetings then decline specific ones you cannot meet.] Anyway, as they are arguing about this, in a friendly sarcastic way at first and then more serious as they get into it, another person from the cube farm comes around and asks them to step out of the area.

I’m not sure why, but for some reason that really irritated me. These people are talking work, they aren’t yelling, though they are a bit loud and it’s a cube farm. Yes, hearing others argue is a pain, but so what, cubes aren’t meant to be libraries.  Anyway, I just thought my reaction was a bit surprising.  I wasn’t directly involved, but because I was there, I felt I had been reprimanded, and almost said something to the ‘shusher’ but didn’t. I just let the two involved finish their conversation, which they did, quickly, but there in the cube.

Who was right in that scenario? I’m a lot more irritated than I think I should be about it.

This can’t end well.

Working in a cube farm sucks we all know it. Here at work I can hear several of my co-workers phone calls. I’ve recently heard one side of a conversation that sounded remarkably like my co-worker is moving his money around to somewhere ‘safe’. I’ve heard this same co-worker state matter-of-factly that our government is going to fail and soon. Now that co-worker is making calls trying to purchase a rifle. Kinda funny how I’m suddenly finding it hard to focus on work.

PS: No I don’t think my co-worker is violent or crazy (well maybe a little) and I have no fear of him. I just found the whole situation (whats the word for funny and sad at the same time?).

Of course, after reading things like THIS I can understand a little bit better the desire for a revolution.